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  • Value Creation
    Price Realization

    Private Equity


    Hony Capital's private equity business started in 2003 with the core concept of “Intelligent Capital to Create Value ”. It focuses on the field of pharmaceutical and healthcare, consumer products, catering, media and entertainment, environmental protection and new energy, as well as machinery and equipment manufacturing. At present, it manages eight PE funds with a total assets under management of over 65 billion RMB. Besides, it invests more than 100 Chinese and foreign companies. In order to create new multinational corporations centered on China, it also helps those companies grow bigger and stronger through systematic value-added services. Hony Capital’s investments include China Shijiazhuang Pharmaceutical Group (CSPC), Zoomlion, China International Marine Containers (CIMC), Suning, Chengtou Holding, Jin Jiang International Hotels, ENN, PizzaExpress (UK), STX(US) , WeWork (US) , I-Mab Biopharma and COFCO Capital. The total asset of these corporates is about 2.9 trillion yuan, and the overall sales are about 860 billion yuan. Over 450,000 jobs have been created by them.

    • Digital Economy

      • WeWork

      • ByteDance

      • STX Entertainment

      • Deem

      • Giant Interactive Group

    • Cross-border M&A

      • CIFA

      • Biosensors

      • Mr&Mrs Italy

      • PizzaExpress

      • FibroGen

    • SOE Restructuring

      • China Glass

      • Zoomlion

      • CSPC

      • COFCO Capital

      • Capital Heat

    Real Estate

    In 2014, Hony Capital began to build its financial investment capability on real estate and established a unique strategic positioning of “real estate + finance + operations”. As the first domestic manager to raise RMB blind pool real estate funds for institutional investors, currently, its total assets under management are more than 10 billion yuan. It has established three self-owned operation centers covering first-tier cities. In addition, there are more than 30 high-quality office buildings in the first-tier cities invested and operated by it. The construction area of those buildings is over 700,000 square meters and its asset management scale exceeds 10 billion.


    Mutual Fund

    Hony Horizon Fund was formally established on January 31, 2018 after being approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission. The office is located in Shanghai and the registered capital is 220 million yuan. Hony Horizon Fund, as a public equity fund management company under Hony Capital, will fully rely on Hony Capital’s resources, capabilities, and brand advantages, uphold the core concept of Hony Capital’s "value creation, price realization" and a professional and market-oriented business philosophy. Committed to building an asset management platform that attracts and manages high-quality domestic and overseas funds, and continues to provide customers with various investment products.

    Hony Horizon Fund is based in China and integrates with the world, providing investors with high-quality products and professional services. As a Chinese expert worthy of the trust and respect of investors, it develops into the best asset management institution at home and abroad, and builds the PE flagship brand of China's fund industry.

    Hedge Fund

    Owned by Hony Capital, Goldstream Investment is a platform focusing on the secondary market investment. As a multi-manager, multi-asset, and multi-strategy investment house powered by human and machine intelligence, we hold Type 1(Dealing with security), Type 4 (Advising on securities) and Type 9 (Asset management)licenses issued by the HKSFC, license in public securities of private funds in PRC and ERA (Exempt Reporting Advisers) license in the U.S.. We build global portfolios using Chinese assets as core elements, cultivate business gene depending on “Human+Intelligence”and“China+World”.

    Goldstream Investment aims to become a leader in helping Chinese capital invest globally and global capital invest in China, we strive to create a good investment house, providing professional careers for outstanding managers and product solutions for professional investors. Our products cover discretionary China and HK equity (long only and L/S), global healthcare equity L/S, global macro, global CTA, Magic Abacus quantamental plus China equity, quantitative China fixed income, special opportunity investment and multi-asset solutions. Goldstream Investment has been rewarded Overseas Golden Bull Award for 3 consecutive years, Preqin 2020 Asia Pacific Macro Hedge Fund Award, Huatai Futures Best FoF Award and other mainstream awards.

    Adhering to the core philosophy "Intelligent Capital to Create Value" of Hony, Goldstream Investment keeps the mission to connect global capital with the Chinese capital market, and Chinese capital with the global capital market.

    Innovation Investment

    In the era of the digital economy, Hony Capital would better respond to and take advantage of changes in new technologies and new models, and explore in the field of science and technology innovation investment. As for the investment model, Hony Capital will try to explore the differentiated investment model of “World Technology + China Application”. Hony Capital will establish a structured strategic cooperation with leading foreign investment institutions, so as to explore foreign technology companies with leading technology and great application potential. Hony will collaborate with Hony and Legend systems,as well asthe network of its portfolio companies and by investing in leading domestic leading subdivisions, to promote the landing of World technology in the Chinese market.

    Case: In July 2018, our company promoted the strategic cooperation agreement between Zoomlion and Landing.AI, and offered the intelligent agriculture by the application of AI.

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