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  • Value Creation
    Price Realization

    Hony Capital puts China as its top market with investments in over 100 companies in areas of pharmaceutical and healthcare, consumer products, food and beverage, entertainment, environmental protection and new energy, as well as machinery and equipment manufacturing. Hony Capital’s portfolio companies include China Shijiazhuang Pharmaceutical Group (CSPC), Zoomlion, Suning, Chengtou Holding, Jin Jiang International Hotels, ENN, STX, I-Mab Biopharma, Perfect Dairy, etc. The assets value of these companies totals about RMB 2.9 trillion with sales volume of RMB 860 billion, providing more than 450,000 jobs.

    Digital Economy

    • ByteDance


      One of the first companies to launch mobile-first products powered by machine learning technology.

    • viu



    • Giant Network

      Giant Network:

      China's leading online game developer and operator.

    • Deem


      Business travel solutions for planning, booking and traveling

    • STX Entertainment

      STX Entertainment:

      A?leading,?fast-growing?entertainment?company based?in?the United?States

    • WeWork


      The leader in global co-working industry that is dedicated to building a global workspace network.

    • MeiShuBao


      A vertical education social application for art students.

    • Dingdong fresh

      Dingdong fresh:

      Dingdong shopping is a self-supporting fresh platform and life service app providing distribution services.

    • Perfect Dairy

      Perfect Dairy:

      Perfect diary is a brand of Guangzhou Yixian e-commerce Co., Ltd.

    • Simpcare


      Committed to become a high-end beauty group in the Internet era.

    Cross-border M&A

    • FibroGen



    • CIFA


      A leading international concrete machinery manufacturer, which was acquired by Zoomlion in 2008.

    • Biosensors


      One of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of cardiovascular stents globally.

    • STX Entertainment

      STX Entertainment:

      A?leading,?fast-growing?entertainment?company based?in?the United?States.

    • Deem


      Business travel solutions for planning, booking and traveling.

    • PizzaExpress


      A well-known restaurant group with over 500 restaurants across the United Kingdom and 100 overseas in Europe, China, India and the Middle East.

    • Mr&Mrs Italy

      Mr&Mrs Italy:

      A globally renowned Italian fashion brand

    • WeWork


      The leader in global co-working industry that is dedicated to building a global workspace network.

    SOE Restructuring

    • China Glass

      China Glass:

      China’s leading float glass and the largest reflective glass manufacturer.

    • Zoomlion


      A leader in developing and manufacturing major high-tech equipment in the areas of engineering industry and agricultural industry.

    • CSPC


      A leading company in the Chinese pharmaceutical industry.

    • Shanghai SMI Holding

      Shanghai SMI Holding:

      A state-owned large-scale enterprise group specializing in urban infrastructure investment, construction, and operation management

    • Jin Jiang Hotels

      Jin Jiang Hotels:

      A leading hotel group in China, principally engaged in hotel operation and management, franchising, and the businesses of restaurants, transportation, logistics and travel agency, etc.?

    • Jushi Group

      Jushi Group:

      A leading company in the world's glass fiber industry.

    • Happigo


      A leading TV shopping platform listed on ChiNext

    • New China Life Insurance Company

      New China Life Insurance Company:

      China's leading national large-scale life insurance company.

    • COFCO Capital

      COFCO Capital:

      A COFCO subsidiary specializing in managing and operating comprehensive and professional financial businesses.

    • BEZ


      China’s well-known operator of technology industrial park and one of the earliest developed and constructed members in Zhongguancun Science Park.

    • Capital Heat

      Capital Heat:

      A new urban thermal management platform

    • Zoomlion Enviro

      Zoomlion Enviro:

      A high-end environmental equipment manufacturer.

    Investment Platforms

    • Hospital Corporation of China Limited

      Hospital Corporation of China Limited:

      A hospital investment and operation platform.

    • Best food holding

      Best food holding:

      A restaurant chains investment and operation platform

    Non-SOE Buyout

    • I-Mab Biopharma

      I-Mab Biopharma:

      A China-based clinical stage biopharmaceutical company exclusively focused on the development of innovative biologics in immuno-oncology and autoimmune diseases.

    • ENN Ecological Holdings

      ENN Ecological Holdings:

      One of the largest private energy companies in China focused on providing cleaner energy to support sustainable growth.

    • Better Sun Education

      Better Sun Education:

      An Education Service Management Group with business all over China.

    • Pharmplus


      A large pharmaceutical retail chain in China.

    • Linmon Pictures

      Linmon Pictures:

      A cutting-edge film and television company focused on creating quality content.

    • Neusoft


      One of the promoters of China's large-scale high-end medical equipment.

    • Suning.com


      A leading new generation online shopping platform.

    • Simcere Pharmaceutical Group

      Simcere Pharmaceutical Group:

      A leading company in China’s pharmaceutical industry.

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