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  • Business

    To be a leading investment group with superb return for investors and trust from stakeholders


    • Private Equity

    • Real Estate

    • Innovation Investment

    • Mutual Fund

    • Hedge Fund


    • 2018

      Hony Capital received CSRC approval for its mutual fund license application and the authorization for the establishment of Hony Horizon Fund.

    • 2017

      Hony Capital had successfully raised RMB 2.56 billion for its real estate value-added strategy fund.?

    • 2016

      Hony Capital invested in WeWork, a leading player in global shared economy.

    • 2015

      The Global PE Centre opened in Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone.

    • 2014

      Hony Capital acquired the largest private hospital in Shanghai, Yangsi Hospital, through its hospital management group.

    • 2013

      Hony capital invested in Shanghai Chengtou Holdings (600649.SH), which was a ‘wind indicator’ for new era of SOE reform in Shanghai.?

    • 2012

      Hony Capital became the first private equity firm to enter into the Qianhai New District.

    • 2011

      Hony Capital Shanghai Platform was established.

    • 2010

      National Social Security Fund of China (NSSF) committed CNY 3 billion to Hony Capital RMB Fund II.

    • 2009

      Hony Capital RMB Fund I was closed at CNY 5 billion, with institutional investors including the National Social Security Fund.

    • 2008

      Hony Capital completed its first cross-border M&A transaction—the acquisition of Italy’s largest concrete machinery manufacturer CIFA in partnership with Zoomlion.

    • 2007

      Hony Capital invested in Jushi Group, the world’s biggest glass fiber company.?

    • 2006

      Hony Capital invested in Zoomlion

    • 2005

      Hony Capital invested in Simcere Pharmaceutical. This is its first investment in the pharmaceutical industry.

    • 2004

      Hony Capital made its first SOE transaction——the acquisition of China Glass.

    • 2003

      Hony Capital was established.

    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Founded in June 2009, Beijing Hony Charity Foundation is the first non-public charity foundation established by a private equity institution in China. With children and the disadvantaged as the main beneficiaries, Hony Charity Foundation has participated in charity events related to education, culture and healthcare.

      • Philanthropic Programs

      • Million RMB Donation

      • Beneficiaries

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