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  • Intelligent Investing
    for ALL

    John Zhao

    Chairman of Hony Capital

    Our goals: to adhere to, and carry out our core philosophy of "Value Creation, Price Realization"; to enhance the capabilities as a long-term investor and value-added services provider; to promote the growth and internationalization of Chinese enterprises; and to effectively deploy Chinese capital into the global economy in order to enhance the vitality of China's economy.

    The global economy is currently undergoing a period of reconstruction: old patterns are being shattered and banished forever, and new patterns must urgently be established. The path ahead is hardly clear-cut. Amidst this sea of uncertainty, however, one thing is already unmistakably clear: China will play a leading role in this new world order.

    As the world’s second largest economy and fastest-growing consumer market, China in transition must effectively attract high-quality products, brands, technologies, resources and management to serve its domestic market and consumers. Having relied on the expansion of China’s home market for the last three decades, a growing number of Chinese businesses need to expand abroad. Experiences so far have found that mergers and acquisitions are the best way to expand capabilities.

    Both “going out” and “attracting in” offer a historical opportunity to further integrate China into the global economy. Competing on the world stage with industry leaders is the only real way in which Chinese companies can truly develop their strengths. More crucially, it requires them to leverage possible capital to enhance the innate dynamism of China’s economy.

    As a China-focused buyout fund manager founded more than ten years ago, Hony Capital has been growing along with China's rapid economic development. We have been able to develop a winning team in a progressive, efficient and coordinated manner. As an influential “China expert”, we have helped a number of Chinese enterprises to improve the management level, carry out international expansion, and establish industry leadership.

    In the next decade, as China moves from being "the world’s factory" to the "world’s marketplace" and as China segues from the status of capital importer to that of capital investor, Hony Capital will continue to help outstanding Chinese enterprises with its combination of local experience and global resources to achieve internationalization and greater scale through mergers and acquisitions. At the same time, Hony Capital will also provide assistance to international companies to better localize their services for Chinese consumers in service of the economic vitality of China.

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