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  • To be a leading investment group
    with superb return for investors
    and trust from stakeholders

    Hony Capital, founded in 2003 and sponsored by Legend Holdings, is a leading investment management firm that specializes in private equity buyout and expands into areas including real estate, venture capital, hedge fund (Goldstream), mutual fund (Hony Horizon Fund). It focuses on the development of China’s real economy with “Intelligent investing for all ” as its mission.

    Hony Capital currently has USD 13 billion under management, with investors from China and the world’s leading investment institutions, including pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, university endowment funds, insurance companies, family foundations and individual investors such as Goldman Sachs, Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board, Teacher Retirement System of Texas, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, Kuwait Investment Authority, Temasek, National Council for Social Security Fund, and China Life.

    Hony Capital puts China as its top market with investments in over 100 companies in areas of pharmaceutical and healthcare, consumer products, food and beverage, entertainment, environmental protection and new energy, as well as machinery and equipment manufacturing. Hony Capital’s portfolio companies include China Shijiazhuang Pharmaceutical Group (CSPC), Zoomlion, Suning, Chengtou Holding, Jin Jiang International Hotels, ENN, STX, I-Mab Biopharma, Perfect Dairy, etc. The assets value of these companies totals about RMB 2.9 trillion with sales volume of RMB 860 billion, providing more than 450,000 jobs.

    Company Profile

    13 Billion+USD

    Total Asset under management

    2.9 Trillion RMB

    Total value of assets of portfolio companies

    450 Thousand+

    Jobs offered by the invested company


    Intelligent Investing for ALL


    to become a leading investment group with superb return for investors and trust from stakeholders


    • private equity

    •  real estate

    • hedge fund

    • mutual fund

    • venture capital

    Honors & Awards

    • PEI

      No.41 globally and No.1 in China (2016 ranking)

    • Forbes

      Top 10 PE Firm(2014,2015,2017)

    • FinanceAsia

      Most Innovative Deal(PizzaExpress)(2014)

    • ChinaVenture

      Top 10 PE fund by return

      Top 10 PE fund favored by LPs

    • Chinese Venture

      Top 10 Chinese PE fund of 2017

      Top 10 investor of the year – John Zhao

    • ZERO2IPO

      Top 10 PE Firm(2011-2013,2015-2016)

      Top 10 investor of the year – John Zhao(2013,2015,2016)

    • Golden Bull Award for PE industry

      Top 10 best PE fund(2018)

      Top 10 PE investor of the year —John Zhao(2018)

      One-Year Overseas Golden Bull Private Fund Investment Manager (Equity Hedge) [Goldstream]

    • China Fund of Funds Alliance

      No.1 on the Top 30 Chinese PE funds (2016,2017))

    • China Urban Regeneration Forum

      10 Best Investment Firms for Urban Regeneration 2018 (RE)

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